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Colne Yacht Surveys Ltd

12 - Aug - 2011

For Yachtsmen by Yachtsmen

Surveying services

Boat Surveyors - Colne Yacht Surveys Ltd

Morecambe Bay Prawner

Types of Survey.

Pre-Purchase Survey

When a yacht or motorboat is purchased a pre-purchase survey is usually carried out. After the initial viewing, and the purchaser deciding that this is the boat for them, an offer is made subject to survey. The broker will then usually require a deposit. Then the purchaser will engage a suveyor to carry out a survey and produce a report. If the survey concludes that the boat is in good condition with no unforseen problems, the sale usually proceeds. If defects are found the purchaser may wish to re-negotiate the price or he may withdraw from the sale in which case the deposit is refunded.

For a pre-purchase survey the vessel needs to be out of the water. Everything that is accessible without undoing screws or removing linings is inspected. On GRP vessels moisture readings are taken on the below the waterline area of the vessel . It is not normally practicable to run the engine because of the difficulties in providing a temporary water supply, but the engine is visually inspected. It is not normally practicable to thoroughly inspect the sails because of the lack of somewhere clean and dry where they can be spread out, but they are inspected as far as possible. If the mast is stepped it can only be properly inspected to approximately head height.

Sometimes the below the waterline area of the vessel will be inspected while the vessel is lifted out and held slings for an hour or so. Occasionally the below the waterline area of the vessel can be inspected while the boat is leaning against scrubbing posts between tides. In these circumstances moisture readings may be inaccurate.

Insurance Survey

Many insurance companies will require a vessel to be surveyed every few years to detemine if the vessel is an acceptable risk. The frequency will depend on the age of the vessel and the requirements of the particular insurance company. Typically an insurance company may require a vessel over fifteen years old to be surveyed every five years.

The survey will be similar to a pre-purchase survey. Moisture readings are not usually taken and there is not the same level of concern over cosmetic issues.

Damage Survey

In the unfortunate event of an accident I can survey the damage, provide a damage report, advise on repair and if required arrange for the repairs to be carried out.

Yacht and Boat Viewings.

If you live a long way from a vessel which you are considering purchasing, I can carry out a preliminary inspection on your behalf. Should you wish to proceed with the purchase the cost of the initial inspection will be deducted from the cost of the pre-purchase survey.

Inspections of Drying Moorings.

We can inspect drying moorings and if required provide a written report. We can also re-lay or repair drying moorings.



Other Services.

Yacht Deliveries.

We provide a yacht delivery service, can assist on long passages or provide crew.


We can antifoul your boat including the application of "Coppercoat".

Fitting out and General Maintenance.

We can provide assistance with fitting out and general maintenance.



How much does it cost?

For pre purchase surveys I generally charge £11.00 per foot, for insurance surveys £10.00 per foot. There is 10% discount for all members of RYA affiliated clubs. I charge travelling at 30p per mile. However I'm always prepared to negotiate, so if you've fallen in love with a 1960's plywood pocket cruiser or the latest 40ft state of the art yacht I'm sure we can agree a fair price for a survey.

Contact us.

Estimates and advice are free. I can be contacted seven days a week at any time on 07908 329767, between 07:30 and 22.00hrs is best. Alternatively use the form on the contact page of this web site.

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